Wii U : Mario 64 et 6 autres jeux N64 remasterisés ?

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  1. Maestro dit :

    Lol, Earthbound 64, y’en a qui y croit xD. Bon remarque on a eu Mother 2, peut-être bientôt Mother 3 qui sait…
    Perso je me retiens, d’abord voyons ce que va proposer en 2014 (bien sur avec X, SMT X FE, Yoshi Yarn, Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Country)

  2. Pomme de Pain dit :

    Des rumeurs ? Purée une remake HD De Super Mario 64, avec des niveau bonus ?
    J’achète ! 😛
    Ce serait trop bien..

  3. Paul Gale dit :

    Thank you for sharing this story and for accutaty reporting it as a rumor, for that’s what I labeled it as. If I do receive more concrete information, I will definitely share it…and that goes for both it being proven true or false.

    I personally hope it is the real deal, because it’d be a smart move for Nintendo to make in my opinion. If smaller teams could focus on several month long titles to pump out that are awesome, in between the more grand 2-4 year development games for Wii U, then why not?

    We’ll see how this paves out and hope for the best in the time being.

    – Paul Gale Network

    1. JB dit :

      Many Thanks Paul, for this news/rumor !!! And we are always happy to see you on Lightningamer my friend ! 🙂

      Hope to have most news about you and this rumor soon…

    2. Paul Gale dit :

      You’re welcome and I’m happy to be here. Have a great one, Julien.

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